Everything you need to know about Spartacus Slots!

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Spartacus slots is based on the historical figure from ancient Rome who’s been featured in a Hollywood movie and TV show of the same name. Not only that, but he also partly inspired the movie “Gladiator.” This slot game is an incredible game developed by WMS. It has tons of new features that have made the game a truly revolutionary game just like the figure of Spartacus himself.

A Game for the Ages

The game has amazing gameplay and sound effects. Not only that, but it also features a huge reel that contains 12 rows on 1 slot. That provides gamers with a huge 100 paylines. That includes multipliers and free spins.

If you want to play this game for real money you should find an online casino that’s safe and time-tested. There are some great web-based casinos that will provide outstanding games including spartacus slots as well as 100% free cash bonuses. It’s definitely a plus that you can enjoy a super slots win that involves real money.

This appears to be a common cas4e with the new WMS large reel games. They often pay well with little money spent, and also provide big wins. The situation might change, but for now it’s definitely a plus, and gamers shouldn’t complain about the good fortune they can enjoy.

Besides the Spartacus slot game, there are many other games that are also classified as large reel games. Some other include Van Helsing, and Red Riding Hood. Like spartacus slots the latter also includes a wild feature bonus.

The Spartacus slot game can be found at various online casinos. In fact, it’s become quite a popular game.

Stacked wilds are one of the biggest features of the game. You can transfer them to the colossal reel. Not only that, but the game also includes a Free Spin. That can provide you with a maximum of 20 free spins as well as the Spartacus wild. It stacks in the main reel se, then transfers to the Colossal Reel set. It’s definitely a great game.

It should be noted that spartacus slots is the 2nd colossal reels game released by WMS. It includes a 2 reels set and has a total of 100 total paylines. You can spin up to 250 pounds. The theme of the game is the historical figure who went from being a slave leader in Rome to become a top gladiator.

It’s safe to say that the colossal reels format might cause some problems for players of spartacus slots who aren’t used to the layout. Wild symbols stacked on the reel set transfer right over to the Colossal Reel set.

If you end up with a wild reel it will then transfer to the Colossal Reel set. It also expands to take over the entire reel. This provides you with even more chances to enjoy big wins.

What’s so great about the Free Spin feature? It allows you to play when you get 3+ Coliseum symbols on the 5×4 reel set as well as the Colossal Reel set. For both reel sets it’s for reels 1/3/5.

The # of Coliseum symbols you can will affect the number of free spins you get with 8 free spins. So you can get between 8-20 free spins with 2x/20x your particular stake.

Another important issue when playing spartacus slots is that the Spartacus wild symbol is important. That’s because it stacks on the main reel set. This makes all 4 of the positions wild. It then transfers to the Colossal reel. That gives you a totally wild reel.

You should also look for the Coliseum symbol within the feature. That’s because 3+ will provide you with additional free spins. If you get 5 high-value symbols you can win large amounts.

Many players enjoy spartacus slots for different reasons. However, winning via the Free Spins feature is definitely one of the key features of the game. It’s unclear if WMS has plans to develop some more Colossal Reeels slots.

The game is certainly a lot of fun. However, you shouldn’t expect to win very frequently because it probably won’t happen.

This isn’t the first time a historical has been featured in a slot game, and it probably won’t be the last one.

However, Spartacus is based on the famous warrior. Williams Interactive launched the character to land-based casinos in the past. Then the company transferred the character to spartacus slots. The online game includes many of the same features as the original game.

The two sets are the core of the game and make some great winning combinations. In fact, there are more than in many other slot games. The main set is the first to spin and pays out as it normally does.

Then the colossal reels take the same step. That gives you two opportunities to win. Meanwhile, stacked wilds add a new dimension to the game. It’s as a full stack shows up on the main board. It transfers to the 2nd set of the game’s reels.

The game has 12 rows of symbols. Meanwhile, the stack covers all of it. This makes some great chances for prizes.

Meanwhile, scatter symbols that show up on the 2nd set of reels also contribute to the 3 required for launching the bonus game. 3 that are seen result in 8 spins with a 2x multiplier. Meanwhile, a 4 allows for 12 spins with 5x multiplier. Also, a 5 of a kind produces the result of 20 spins with a 20x multiplier. Each has the same number of stacked wilds when playing spartacus slots and 100 winning chances.

This is definitely a great choice if you’re looking for a different type of online slot game. Without a doubt it’s one of the world’s most innovative slot games. You can find it at various gambling sites on the web. In fact, you can also find it on certain sites that don’t require a registration or deposit.

Spartacus Slots is definitely one of the most exciting slot games on the Internet. The structure of the game certainly makes it one of the most unique online slot games on the Internet. That’s why you should consider playing the game. There are many chances to win while playing the Spartacus slot game. However, you shouldn’t necessarily expect to win big because it can be quite difficult when playing the game. Even with that being true it’s still a great game that provides  many chances to win. The colossal reel also makes it a unique game because there are few slot games on the Internet that include this feature, making it one of the most interesting ones on the web.