Five sites that offer Lil Red Slots this month

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Have you played Lil Red Slots? When you play online/mobile slots games there are many to choose from, which can make your decision difficult. However, one of the top ones is lil red slots.

As you might guess, the slots game is based on the story Little Red Riding Hood, which is from the fairytale collection of the Grimm Brothers. The main difference is that in this version Little Red is a grown woman. It’s an interesting take on the classic story and makes the slots game interesting and unique.

This game is from WMS and features the Colossal Reals system. It helps to provide a very interesting and unique gaming experience. The system includes a main set that includes 5 reels (4 symbols on each reel).

There’s also a second Colossal Reel that that includes 5 reels. Each of those reels includes a total of 12 symbols. The end result is that the gameboard includes 100 pay-lines. Gamers can spend as little as 50p per spin, and as much as 250 pounds. This is a big range and helps to make lil red slots more exciting. That’s because you can spend a small or large amount of money per spin.

As with many of the Grimm Brothers’ stories, the tale of Little Red Riding Hood is a bit disturbing. However, you won’t have to worry about lil red slots giving you nightmares. The graphics are fun and the soundtrack isn’t creepy, so you won’t have to worry about the game having a very serious tone.

How about the evil wolf in the story? Ironically it can help you to get winning combinations when playing the slots game. This will make the game more exciting when playing lil red slots.

The game includes different symbols including Little Red, the Wolf, the woodsman, picnic basket, wig/glasses that the wolf wears. These all help to make the game more interesting.

You can also find playing card suit symbols in the game. That includes clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades. Meanwhile, the grandmother’s house is the game’s scatter symbol. The Lil Red Riches logo is the slots game’s wild.

You can win when playing the game when you match 3 of any symbol in the game. That includes the range of 0.15 for 3 diamonds and 3.00 for 5 woodsmen. How about if you match 5 Little Miss Red pictures? In that case, when you play lil red slots you’ll get a payout of 7.50.

The game is a fixed 40 pay-line game. There’s also an extra combo via the Colossal Reels system. This gives you a chance to win big when playing the slots game based on the Little Red Riding Hood story.

Like other WMS slot games, Lil Red Riches also includes a Free Spins bonus round. That gives players the chance to maximize winnings without being required to spend money. That’s definitely a plus when playing the lil red slots.

You can trigger this particular figure when you spine 3+ of the game’s scatter symbol. That’s the Grandma’s cottage in reels 1, 3, and 5 of the main set/Colossal Reel. Besides the Free Spins in the game, you can also get a cash multiplier, which helps to increase your winnings when playing the game.

It’s important to know the details about the scatter symbols. 3 of them win you 8 free spins/2x multiplier. Meanwhile, 4 scatter symbols win 12 free spins/5x multiplier. 5 scatter symbols wins 20 free spins/20x multiplier.

What’s so great about the Free Spins round when playing this lil red slots? The scatter can show up on either reel set. That increases your odds of triggering the Free Spins game. That’s definitely a plus if you want to win more money while playing Lil Red riches.

When playing the game another important feature is the Bonus Basket. The wild symbol gives various power-ups when it shows up on the main real set. This moves the wild reel into place and transfers over to the Colossal Reel. That builds a wild reel and many opportunities to win prizes. It’s definitely one of the top features of this lil red slots and makes the game much more thrilling to play. It’s important to do some research on how the Colossal Reel works. It will help your gameplay and increase your chance of winning.

You might wonder why WMS has become such a big name in the world of online slots. The reason is quite simple. The companies keep producing high-quality and fun games such as Lil Red riches.

In particular one of the key features to some of the company’s top slots games is the Colossal reels system itself. In fact, you can’t find it in other games. It definitely provides a unique gaming experience for anyone who checks out lil red slots. It provides gamers with many ways to achieve the various winning combos. That will in turn help to boost the amount of money you can win when playing the game.

Many of us are already familiar with the story of Little Red riding Hood. The graphics and sounds of the game include enough features to remind gamers of the old-school story. However, it’s a new type of game, which will keep gamers thrilled while they play the lil red slots game.

Another great feature of the game is the stacked wilds that move them from the main reels to the Colossal set. This is a great feature and helps to keep gamers having fall while playing Little red Riches. Another great feature is the multipliers, which makes the game more fun because it provides offer more chances to win via the Free Spins round. It gives gamers more chances to win, which is one of the names of the game when playing slots games.

Here are five sites that offer Lil Red Slots this month:

  • Vegas Slots Online
  • Mega Casino
  • Gamez
  • Simba Games Casino

Slots Magic Casino

This game is also found at other sites. It can certainly be enjoyed by gamers of different ages. It has an interesting take on the old Grimm Brothers’ old tale that most people are familiar with. However, it becomes even more thrilling when playing the lil red slots game.

If you’re a fan of old-school stories and modern video slots then you should definitely consider this lil red slots. It combines the best of both worlds into a fun-filled mobile slots game. Not only that, but you find it at various sites to download and start playing. Why not check it out today and have a colossally fun time playing Lil Red Riches!