Monopoly slots on facebook and how to play them!

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Monopoly is one of the most popular board games of all time, and now it’s available on Facebook via monopoly slots. It’s definitely one of the most fun online slots available today. The game is a 5 reel and 15 payline online slot machine.

The object of the Monopoly game is to win tokens. That’s done by creating winning combos on the reels, advancing your mover, landing on various properties, as well as winning various bonus games. In many ways the game is quite similar to the original board game. However, it’s a refreshing version as it features a slot format.

Monopoly and Facebook: A Winning Combination

If you’re a fan of Monopoly you’d likely be thrilled to learn that monopoly slots are now available on Facebook, which is the world’s largest social network. If you have a Facebook account and you’re a fan of Monopoly and slot games, you now have the ability to combine the board game, casino game, and social giant in one game. There are many other slot games on Facebook and online games for that matter. However, Monopoly is definitely one of the top ones you can choose from.

To play the game you should be aware of the rules. If you want to place a bet you have to choose the number of paylines that you’d like to wager on. That’s done by pressing the button “Select Lines.” Yu can play from 1-15 paylines, but 15 is definitely one of the most funs.

The next step when playing monopoly slots is to choose the number of tokens you want to be on each of the lines, by pressing BET PER LINE.” You’re required to bet 1 or more tokens on each active payline. However, you can bet on a maximum of 10. In addition, you can also bet quickly with 10 tokens on each and all of the 15 lines. You can take that step by pressing the button “BET MAX.”

The total bet is calculated by the # of paylines that are active times the # of tokens that are bet on each of the lines. Here’s an example. Let’s say you activate 15 paylines and you bet 2 tokens per line. When playing monopoly slots in this case you’ll be wagering 30 tokens on each spin.

You might be wondering how you can win tokens. Here’s how it works. Line up any combo of reel symbols that are located on the Paytable found on any payline that’s active. Winning combos must go from left to right on side-by-side reels starting with the reel that’s farthest left.

The awards that are listed on the paytable of monopoly slots are multiplied by the bet located on the winning payline.

A dice roll is triggered by any 2 of the die symbols that are scattered on the slot machine’s reels. The mover will move the # of spaces that correspond to the outcome of the dice roll. In the case that your roll actually doubles, you’ll get the chance to roll again. However, be careful about rolling doubles three times in a row. That’s because you’ll end up in jail.

How do you win a Pogo Jackpot Spin? In order to do that, you must get 3 Club Pogo coin symbols. They’re scattered on the reels.

Keep in mind that the Jackpot Spinner spins like a real slot machine. After it stops spinning you then win the prize that shows on the spinner, or maybe on the jackpot itself.

It’s been said that membership has its privileges, and that’s true in the case of Club Pogo when playing monopoly slots. Here’s why. Club Pogo members can win double jackpots. So in the case that the Jackpot Spinner lands on “JACKPOT” you’ll then get double the jackpot amount at that time. How does that sound? The current jackpot amount increases each second. It’s shown on the left-hand side of the Monopoly game.

When playing monopoly slots you should definitely be aware of the Community Board Bonuses. If you land on a Community Chest space, you’ll have the option to select between 3 different cards. You’ll win all tokens on the particular card. You’ll also reward all of the room’s players with tokens. Don’t’ worry since the tokens to the other players are from the Pogo account rather than your personal account.

What happens when you land on Chance? At that time you’ll have to select between 3 cards. Make sure to choose wisely!

There are two different outcomes that can result from these cards when playing monopoly slots. There’s a real-spin multiplier or “Jail” card. If you end up winning a reel spin multiplier, such as 2x, all of the reel wins during your next spin would pay out at a rate of 2x.

Not only that, but everyone in the room also gets a real-spin multiplier for the next spin. However, if you select the Jail” card you go to jail. In that case when playing monopoly slots you’re the only player who goes to jail. It won’t be the fate of any other players.

Yet another issue when playing the Monopoly online game at Facebook is individual board bonuses. After triggering a dice roll, your mover then moves. In you land on a property, you’ll be awarded. It was will based on the number of tokens are linked with the particular property.

Another important issue to remember is that all railroad properties provide players with 200 tokens. Meanwhile, the two Utility properties are Electric Company and Water Works. They’ll reward you with a token amount that’s equal to 100x your particular dice roll.

In the case that you land on Free Parking space when playing monopoly slots you’ll get a Free Parking progressive bonus. How does that sound?

The bonus is added to when players in the bill do certain actions. They include:

Pay Bail (50 tokens)

Pay Luxury Tax (75 tokens)

Pass the Free Parking space (100 tokens)

Pay Income Tax (200 tokens)

Ranks are another important issue when playing monopoly slots. As you move around the board you can earn higher ranks. After you get to certain ranks, you can then unlock brand new movers. To choose your particular mover piece click on the “Select Mover” button to see the various movers you’re able to unlock.

There are 50 total ranks. As a Club Pogo member, when you get ranks of 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 you then get a brand new Club Pogo Badge.

These are the basics for playing monopoly slots on Facebook. The game helps to bring back one of the most popular board games of all time in a new format.