The best new games on the Zeus Slots App this month

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Are you a fan of slot games? If so, then you should definitely consider zeus slots. The game includes 5 reels with many winning combos. The slot machines shows why the developer is one of the top slot game companies in the business now.

Game of Historic Proportions

Zeus is a fast-moving slot game that’s based on the God Zeus from Ancient Greece. Not only is Zeus featured in the game but also many famous goddesses from Greek mythology. This is definitely one of the top mobile slot games you can play, which features bright graphics, amazing surround-sound and also chances to have many thrilling adventures while playing the game.

One of the main features of this mobile slots game is that it’s quite easy to understand as well as play. Just read through the game rules and go through the play table data. If you take those basic steps you’ll be ready to win big payouts by playing the game. It’s interesting to note that zeus slots has actually become much more popular than its rival Cleopatra, which was named after the Greek goddess.

In terms of the theme of the game, Zeus was definitely one of the most powerful gods during ancient times. So it makes sense that he’s the main character of one of the most popular slot games that’s ever been developed by Williams Interactive.

The game started as a land-based casino like many of today’s popular mobile casino games. However, it’s now available not only in land-based casinos, but also online casinos and mobile casinos. It’s safe to say that zeus slots is one of the top games available, and one that you should probably consider playing.

What’s so great about the mobile slot game? It starts with the basics. The game has 30 win lines and bets that can range from 30 cents to $150. This helps to guarantee that whether you’re a casual gambler or high-roller you can definitely enjoy playing Zeus games. It’s definitely a plus because mobile games are often on either extreme. They either are 100% free and don’t allow players the chance to win real money, or are ideally only for high-rollers. However, in the case of Zeus it’s a game that you can enjoy if you want to make small or large bets

Another key feature of the game is the symbols that match perfectly with the game’s theme. In fact, the big guy himself is the wild card in zeus slots, and is included with Pegasus, helmet, coins, etc. The symbols include a lot of details. And help to increase the action of the game.

However, the bonus round is probably the biggest factor that improves the action of zeus slots. 3+ thunder fist symbols launch the bonus round and ¾ symbols are quite average. It awards 10 spins for 3 symbols, and 25 spins for 4 symbols.

That said, a scatter that appears on each and every reel makes sure that you’ll be ready for a ton of fun. It awards 100 free spin that can be triggered again and again during the round. The coins keep benefiting from stacked wilds, and the 30 win lines. Just imagine how great 100 risk-free spins can become when playing Zeus.

There’s a reason why zeus slots has become popular. That’s due to amazing immersion and an incredible bonus round. You can join the tons of players that enjoy the no-deposit gaming provided by certain sites. That’s definitely a plus as you can enjoy zeus slots without depositing any money at all.

If Zeus seems like your ideal slots game, then you should also check out similar games. They include many of the same features but also include unique features that can make your slot games even more exciting. As great as Zeus slot games are, sometimes you’ll want to take a break and try other games that have a similar theme, for example.

There’s a reason why games such as zeus slots are so popular. They include tons of features that are sometimes rarely found in other games. Without a doubt Zeus is quite unique due to many of the features it includes.

Not only is there the popular original Zeus game, but there are actually 3 games. This makes the game not only exciting, but quite varied. You certainly won’t get bored with so many options playing these games based on the famous greek gods.

It’s important to note that zeus slots is one of the games that made WMS a household name in the world of gaming. By the year 2011 they had become quite popular in Vegas casinos and launched many online games that have also become quite popular, including Zeus.

How about the actual game? Zeus symbols are stacked on each and every reel. Meanwhile, Zeus has also added the free spins feature. This adds stacked wilds to every wheel.

You might be wondering how the free spins are triggered. This happens when you get blue bonus symbols on particular reels including 1, 2, 3 for 10 free spins. However, in the world of zeus slots remember that there’s an important twist!

In the case that you get all 5 symbols you are then awarded a grand total of 100 free spins. That’s quite a generous bonus. However, keep in mind that the odds are stacked against you. While this isn’t to say it’s impossible, it’s quite difficult, and very rare indeed.

In case you doubt how popular zeus slots have become, consider how many companies have used the theme in their own mobile slot games. However, WMS’ version of Zeus is often considered as the top version.

Why should you consider Zeus 3 in particular? One of the keys of this game is that it has a unique format compared to the first two iterations of the slot game. This means that you’ll definitely have a unique experience playing Zeus slot games when you play Zeus 3 instead of versions 1 and 2.

It’s important to keep in mind that Zeus 3 has a unique format and is quite different from traditional slot machines. The format is close to a triangle, with 2 lines in the first reel, 3 lines in the second reel, and so on.

You can play this game a long time before you win money. However, when you win big while playing this version of zeus slots you can actually win a ton of money. How does that sound? If you enjoyed the first two versions of Zeus, then you’ll likely also enjoy the third one as well. It’s certainly one of the most thrilling games in the world of mobile slot games today.